The event

A 2-day conversation May 19-20 to unite regens in the capital of Europe and explore together how we can move from sustain(ability) to regen(eration).


How do we move from sustain to regen?”

These two days will be a mini island of sanity that’s non-judgemental, full of curiosity, learning and experimenting, and where there are no wrong questions and no black and white solutions.We will explore this topic together through:

- Conversation tables.
- No powerpoint talks
- Storytelling workshops


8:30 am - 5:30 pm CET
Thursday 19/05  and Friday 20/05
(with drinks afterwards + jazz concert of Friday)

Sister events at the weekend👇🏾

Facilitator Intentions
& Event Principles

Read what fellow Regens had to share about the first edition of Regens Unite in this yearbook put together by Bankless DAO.We dive deep into our workshops, talks, and open spaces, plus there's tools and information to inspire conversations for your community or event. We share this freely and with love but if you are moved to donate to fund the work of Regens Unite.

Download the Yearbook (PDF)

Practical Information

The event takes place at: 👉🏼  The Citizen Corner, Godefroid Devreesestraat 34, 1030 Schaarbeek (google maps)How to get there + more information

Networking/ coworking venue during the event, and jazz concert on Friday night (5 min walk from the main venue):
👉🏼 La Laiterie, Parc Josaphat, 1030 Schaerbeek (google maps)
Food & Drinks 🌮🥐 Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided at the Citizen Corner during the event.

📯 Please let us know if you have any serious allergies and we’ll do our best to cater for you or give you plenty of notice if we can’t. (email us at:

🚰 Please bring your own refillable water bottle.DIY Swag bags 🎒We needed to reinvent the concept of swag bags for a regen meetup.

How can you contribute:
Bring a small gift, something nice, to add to a Gift Table. It can be a poem that you like, a postcard, a nice pen, anything. Bring some unused items from goodie bags you received in previous meetups, events, or conferences, to add to a Swag Swap table.
All items will be on a table at the entrance for participants to mix and match their own unique swag bag!

Printed t-shirts and tote bags 👕We will not print t-shirts and swag bags for all participants.
However… Citizen Corner has an inhouse artist who prints t-shirts and tote bags with ecological paint. Our amazing designer will provide multiple designs that you can have printed on a t-shirt or bag if you like, on the spot, right there for you to order!

There will be t-shirts available but if you have a nice light coloured t-shirt or sweater that you love, do not hesitate to bring this with you to the event for a personalised regen design!

Hotels and accommodation 🏨
We have made arrangements with these hotels. They are keeping some rooms for us and we got a discount for group booking. They are located within walking distance from the venue, or close to tram 25 (which will take you to the venue)

Funkey Hotel - Rue Artan 116, 1030 Brussels
Hotel Siru - 2 Rue des Croisades, Sint-Joost-ten-Node, 1210 Brussels

Travel fund 🚅
If you need financial support to come to Brussels, we have put together a travel fund. More info.

The venue

The Citizen Corner is a 1000 square meter occupation by citizens for citizens.

Core contributors

Anna-Marie Swan, Bruno Roemers, Jeremy Akers, Leen Schelfhout, Sinouhé Monteiro, Xavier Damman, samaelaross (design), Kris Is

Thank you to all the people who contributed to our Gitcoin Grant GR13 and especially momus.eth.

If you’d also like to support this event, please reach out (email, discord, twitter) or donate directly on Gitcoin or to regensunite.eth (ethereum or polygon)

A cultural vehicle for collaborative defiance.


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Join the conversation with your fellow Regens

There are many ways you can engage with The DAOist community, just drop in on one of our channels and say hi! You can also come to one of our monthly ecosystems calls.

Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regenerate. After it's inception on May 2022 in Brussels, it turned into a community and DAO which now runs as a commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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Regens Unite is for everyone inspired and aligned to regeneration. From the start, Regens Unite is both a community and a commons, formalised as a DAO. Every participant, whether organiser or attendee, is a member of this Commons. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what this community is building.
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